Atta Boy

Atta Boy is Ready to Take the Stage

Are you planning the next great music festival? Atta Boy returns to the stage ready to dazzle music lovers up and down the coast. Their first album Out of Sorts became an internet sensation and now their sophomore release is ready to turn streaming services on their ears. Poised to bring their unique spin on pop and country, your guests will rock out to songs that speak to the heart and soul with a modern twist. Use the Contact button to get in touch with their agent to discuss availability and fees today.

Hire Bands in Los Angeles to Bring Soul to Your Soiree

Whether you are scheduling your summer bandstand series or looking for a headliner at your sporting event side stage, Atta Boy is one of the bands in Los Angeles that should be on your short list. They use a short list of instruments with clear and unfussy vocals. Their sound will slide right into place at your country music night or a quirky R&B evening. Their lyrics speak to the young crew in your audience while telling tales that are timeless.

Music Artists Writing Songs with Heart

Atta Boy is no cover band and performs their own hit songs. Eden Brolin takes center stage with her sultry vocals with fellow music artists on guitar, piano, and drums providing the beat and counterpoint. Their new release Big Heart Manners explores relationships from all sides, from childhood friends to strained parental figures and unrequited love. The tunes are delivered with honesty and simplicity, inviting the listener to put down their drink and soak in the indie pop vibe.

Performing at Festivals, Clubs, and Celebrations

Fill up your venue and light up the night when you sign on with Atta Boy. They will be a popular surprise at the company outing, for your indie music festival, or as a special guest for your YouTube channel. With fans located across the globe, they will deliver familiar tunes to your young crowd while the older generation will open their souls to new possibilities. Treat your guests to hits like, "Shade," "Lucky," and "Devoted."

Lead the charge and bring fresh music to your next major event when you book Atta Boy today! Follow them on all your favorite social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify. Check the Press button to read up on all their latest appearances, song releases, and schedule of upcoming events.