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Find All Our Vinyl Albums for Sale Here

We love the music of Atta Boy! Do you? If you can't get enough of our indie pop music tunes, you might want to add an actual LP to your music collection. Find both of our collections available here as vinyl albums for sale in one quick shop. Whether you can't wait to hear the analog recordings of Out of Sorts or simply have to own a pressing of Big Heart Manners, we have a limited number of collector albums up for grabs. Each album includes the unique art of Deepti Menon on the cover, recalling our popular video for "Lucky." You will also find all the lyrics and perhaps a surprise inside, too!

Rediscover Your Favorite Tunes from Out of Sorts

Did you find Atta Boy back in 2012 when our first album was released on the world wide web? Pick up a vinyl album of Out of Sorts and listen to classic hits like "Jack and Blow," "Saccharine," and "Bells" on your awesome home sound system. These pressings include the studio recordings that you fell in love with on Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora back in the day. Reconnect with memories of a golden summer while rocking out to our music with your friends and family.

A Physical Recording of One of the Best Albums on the Net

Atta Boy was something of a viral sensation when we first released Out of Sorts with over 70 countries releasing our music on their own airwaves. Now that we are a bit older, we took our time to create Big Heart Manners and consider it one of the best albums you can download or listen to on your personal sound system. Pop our vinyl album on your turntable, raise a glass, and settle in for some soulful and stunning tunes. Unlike your online music library, this album will never get lost in the net or suffer from hard drive failure. It is yours for keeps!

Limited Pressings! Grab Yours Before It is Gone

Music sure ain't like it used to be. We know that our fans that collect vinyl records are the special few and we had just enough albums cut to satisfy our most devoted crew. We do have a special vinyl bundle that includes both albums at a special low price, so if you just discovered us, you aren't losing out. However, once these albums are gone, they are gone! Drop one into your cart and check out before everybody else snaps these discs up.

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