Eden Brolin

Deliver a Spirited Evening with the Best Musicians Near Me

Provide a real pulse to your event when you hire the best musicians near me! Atta Boy has been performing their blend of Country and Indie Pop music for nearly a decade, building both a solid fan base and some serious chops. Bring your audience to their feet as the opening bars of "Walden Pond" or " Lucky" ripple through your venue. They have appeared as major music festivals and at entertainment venues up and down the West Coast. Kick the night up a notch when you offer up a unique twist to the standard music menu.

Vocals by Eden Brolin Captures Your Attention and Soothes Your Soul

When Atta Boy takes the stage, they are led by vocalist Eden Brolin and her heart-rending lyrics that speak of love in all its forms. The band doesn't go in for glitter and amps dialed up to blow out eardrums. Instead, Eden imparts the story using her steady yet sultry instrument. Your audience will remain riveted through the set as they recall old boyfriends, family that stuck through it all, and the best summers of all. The sound of Atta Boy fits right into your R&B evening, a celebration of soul, or as a modern twist for Country Night.

Lewis Pullman Brings the Beat to Drive the Pulse of Your Party

The percussionist Lewis Pullman sits alongside Eden when they are writing new music. The talented duo brings balance and focus to their musical tales. Responsible for classic hits like "Out of Sorts" or "When We're Alone." When the band takes the stage, he provides the steady beat that underlines the emotion of each song. The foursome did explore their own paths for nearly a decade, but it is always the drummer that pulls the band together when lights go up.

Treat Your Crew to a Performance of Hot New Releases

Were you thinking about hiring just another cover band for your company event, family celebration, or even your wedding? Wouldn't you rather dance the night away swinging to some of the hottest new releases streaming today? Atta Boy can't wait to connect with familiar and new fans. Click on Contact to inquire about availability and current rates today.

Ask us about adding a special addition to their goodie bags with band merchandise from our own store. We have new designs for T-shirts, CDs, and posters. At the end of the night, your audience will leave only wanting more of the music brought to you by Atta Boy.