Indie Music

New and Retro Music CDs for Sale

Looking for something new to add to your CD collection? If you can't get enough of listening to Atta Boy on your favorite streaming service, make the love affair permanent when you check out our music CDs for sale on our own online shop. You can find not just our hot new release Big Heart Manners, but we also made sure to have plenty of copies of our first album Out of Sorts on our shelves. Anytime that you want to listen to our hits like, "Lucky," "Shade," or "Walden Pond," you can just pop your disc in your player or laptop and rock out.

Never Lose Your Indie Music Download Again

Have you ever lost all your downloads due to a lost or stolen phone, or sudden hard drive failure? CDs ensure that you always have a copy of your favorite tunes where you can get at them. Fill up your Indie music collection when you pick up one of our discs. Of course, you can always grab an extra or two to give to your friends when they ask what you are listening to at work or school. All of our CDs include original artwork by our resident artist.

Cover Art by Deepti Menon

Did you love our new video for "Lucky?" Talented artist Deepti Menon is responsible for that fabulous animation that paired perfectly with Eden Brolin's lyrical performance. The art on the cover of Big Heart Manners was also drawn by our talented friend. When you take home one of our vinyl albums or CDs, you will always have a copy of her iconic images right at hand.

Look for more cool products in our online shop including band shirts and posters! Bring everything with you to our next show, which you will find listed on our Events page.