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Atta Boy didn't get our start in a big studio at the heart of Tennessee. When we graduated high school we got together, made some great music, and launched it on the world using our generation's form of mass media, the internet. Eight years later, we are doing it again, but we need your help! Promote your love for Indie rock bands by connecting with us on all the most popular social media sites starting with Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Together we will spread the word about Big Heart Manners and get the whole world singing in unison.

Indie Bands Ready to Capture their Heart

Atta Boy is led by vocalist Eden Brolin, who brings her own special vibe to lyrics that tell the story of your heart and mine. Setting the standard for indie bands around the world with creative twists on traditional tales and sounds. We cross the line between pop and Country, delivering the tunes you are happy to listen to all day long. Add us to your playlists with new songs like "Shade," "Devoted," and "Boxer."

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Are you planning the next music festival on the beach or in town? Atta Boy is available to beef up your list of music bands. Put us up on the main stage or keep the kids entertained during a sporting event with a side stage. Our foursome uses minimal instrumentation, so we can take the stage with minimal fuss. Atta Boy uses singular vocals, guitar, drum, and keyboard. Ready to tour, we are happy to travel and connect with fans new and renewed across the country.

Our New Release will Wow Your Fans and Ours

Does your line up need a new twist this year? Turn to some internet fans and breathe life back into your traditional summer fest format. There is nothing predictable about Atta Boy and our easily identifiable sound. Our tunes explore the best and worst parts of relationships. We will be highlighting our new album Big Heart Manners while revisiting some favorites from our 2012 release Out of Sorts. Everybody will go home humming new tunes and talking about your musical celebration for weeks to come.

Simply click on Contact to reach our booking agent and discuss available dates and appearance fees. Would you like to learn more about us? Our Press page contains all the deets while Events shows you where you can connect with us in real life or online next.