Jack and Blow

Download Trending Titles Including "Walden Pond" and "Jack and Blow"

Did you just find out how awesome Atta Boy is from your morning podcast? While you can't get enough of our new cuts being showcased across the internet from our album Big Heart Manners, it might be time to check out some of our older tracks. You can find all of our music on all your favorite streaming services for easy downloads. Do you prefer to catch your music on the big screen? We are working on adding more videos to our channel right now!

Check out the "Lucky" Music Video and Put it On Replay

Do you turn it up every time "Lucky" appears in your playlist? Artist Deepti Menon brought our trending tune to life in the Lucky Music Video. Fun animation pairs perfectly with the song penned by Eden Brolin and Lewis Pullman. Connect with the freedom of the open road and the things in life that compel us to keep running. It's only a few minutes long--short enough so you can hit rewind a few times. Or better yet, share it out on your own social media page and tell the world!

"Walden Pond" Rekindles Memories of Summers Past

Was there that perfect summer when you were a kid? Reconnect with your younger self when you select our song "Walden Pond" to play next on your phone. First released back in 2012 as part of our debut album, fans from across the world connected with those simple words and heartfelt tunes. Play it again when you pick up the complete CD Out of Sorts or download it from your favorite music streaming service. Summer will always live on in your heart.

"Jack and Blow" Recalls Love that Never Was

Flip through your old downloads and bring back "Jack and Blow." This raw and soulful track looks at that dark moment when you realize that bright spark of love was never meant to be. Can't find it in your old iPod? Grab a new copy when you download it wherever you buy your digital music, or pick up a copy of Out of Sorts and savor its sound as often as you desire.

If you thought "Lucky" was the only tune Atta Boy produced, think again! Hear all of our music, old and new, when you catch up with us on the internet or at our next in-real-life concert on the stage. Click through our site to discover all the info you need on our band members, merch, and our latest shenanigans.